96. The Christmas Shoppe (Melody Carlson)

My last Christmas novel for 2015 was The Christmas Shoppe.  It was a quick read about a little town that was struggling to keep their stores in business while the residents were struggling with their own issues.   The Christmas Shoppe  came to town that was “selling” more than regular gifts causing initial discord and then winning over the most vocal residents.

51vI-yUL2YL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_The owner had merchandise that was broken, damaged and aged yet each of her customers found special meaning in a specific item.  These items made the customer think and reflect on the past, present and future.  No money changed hands and the items changed the course of their lives.

While this was a quick read it actually reminded me of Stephen King’s Needful Things.  In King’s novel, the storekeeper Leland Gaunt was selling items to instigate negativity.  In the Christmas Shoppe, the owner was  giving her items away to impact positive change.

I would not put this on my annual list of Christmas reads but am happy to have read it once.  It was a cheery way to finish off my Christmas selections.  This author has also published a number of other festive novels including the Christmas Cat which I may save for next year.

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