95. A Home for Christmas (Greg Kinkaid)

The presents have been opened and the wrapping cleaned up.  Breakfast has been eaten.   My youngest is putting together his newest lego set and the older kids have headed back to bed.  I have had some quiet time, reading by the fire to finish A Home for Christmas which continues the story of a A Dog Named Christmas and is a heartwarming tale of determination, love and perseverance.

51Y1UAYbn4L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_In this sequel, a year has passed.  Todd, the special needs son, is now living independently in a cabin on his parents property.  Christmas shares his time between both homes dividing his attention between the family members.  Todd has found his niche and spends his days working at the animal shelter gaining confidence and independence.

Many of the residents of the town are experiencing financial difficulties and there are frequent foreclosures.  As families lose their homes, many animals end up in the shelter.  The town is experiencing financial difficulties as well and pulls the funding for the shelter forcing it to close.  Todd has to deal with this bad news and he searches for a solution to the shelter issues while looking for a new job.

Unfortunately, the shelter is forced to close early when pipes burst after the furnace stops.  The building becomes uninhabitable for the pets and the community rallies to find a solution.  Christmas arrives with announcements both by benefactors and by Todd who surprises his family with a new opportunity.  Like A Dog Named Christmas, this is a sweet Christmas tale which is a perfect holiday read!

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