77. Poles Apart (Terry Fallis)


Canadian author Terry Fallis has written and podcast his 5th book which does not disappoint.  Fallis releases his novels in podcast with weekly installments so I have been slowly listening to this novel and enjoying his satirical humour one week at a time!  I did the same with his previous novels The Best Laid Plans and The High Road enjoying the political satire during my commutes.  I have also read No Relation which is an amusing tale of a support group for individuals with the same name as celebrities.  This was the One Book One Brant choice this spring where I had my book signed by Terry Fallis.

In Poles Apart, the main character, Everett, moves to Florida to care for his aging but crusty father who is in rehab after suffering a stroke.  He rents an apartment which seems perfect until a curious bolt is installed under his kitchen table to support “something” in the unit below.  He meets an admired feminist author while visiting his dad and is inspired to start  a blog called Eve of Equality which immediately is so popular that it overloads the site.

The explosive post related to the reason for the bolt supporting “something” below.  The something below was…   a stripper pole!  Everett’s post received a lot of attention both from a talk show host and from the angry owner of the strip club below!  The owner worked diligently to discover the blogger’s identity while Everett strives to stay anonymous writing his feminist blog posts while living above the joint.

The novel is tongue and cheek funny.  I was laughing out loud during my commute – which says a lot considering how frustrating some drives have been this fall.  I actually think that I prefer to listen to the Fallis novels which are very entertaining and well-read.  Fallis one of the guests to the Grimsby Author series and will be presenting in the new year.

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