76. Sleep (Nino Ricci)


The Grimsby Author Series is hosting Nino Ricci (Sleep) and Camilla Gibb (This is Happy) on  Monday evening.  In preparation for hearing these authors speak, I have read Ricci’s recent novel.  He is well known for the award winning novel Lives of the Saints which became a mini series.

The novel starts when he falls asleep while driving his young son home from a trip to the zoo.  The son realizes that his dad was falling asleep and sees him take his medication which escalates his problems at home.  He had not shared his medical issues with his wife and the reader begins to see that his home-life challenged.  He has a diagnosed sleep disorder which is confounded by his inappropriate prescription drug use.  His interactions with others deteriorates due to his disturbing behaviour and he is on a path to lose his family, his job and descend into destruction.

He comes across a gun, a family heirloom and somehow, holding this weapon in his hand gives him some “clarity”.  He begins purchasing guns, taking classes and ends up in a war torn country attempting to write an article where his life continues to unravel.

If it was not for the Grimsby Author series, I likely would not have picked up this novel.  It was interesting but not my usual taste.  As a health professional, I might have appreciated more detail on the actual sleep disorder and some perspective of his wife who was an outsider in the story.  Having little knowledge or interest in weapons did not help with my engagement.  It was an interesting topic and, I think, more geared to a male audience.

I am looking forward to hearing the author speak about his book and getting my copy signed  on Monday.  The author’s discussion about the book may give me a different perspective!

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