50. I Take You (Eliza Kennedy)


I Take You was recommended by a friend (Mara) who texted the very first lines of the book:

“I’m getting married.
He’s perfect!
It’s a disaster.”

After reading To Kill a Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchman, this book figuratively cleaned the literary palate.  My friend was right, it was a quick, amusing, beach type of read that required little thinking and told the story of a hedonistic, damaged, young lawyer the week before her wedding.

The bride had travelled to Key West to get married.  In the midst of multiple pre-wedding parties, she dealt with her family which included her father and his multiple ex-wives (who it turned our were all sleeping together), her eccentric grandmother who had recently retired from the law and had to independently handle a deposition from an important case.  The bride brought more than just suitcases with her baggage!  To help her cope, she depended on a quirky friend, who supported her alcohol and drug habit, and a unique wedding planner who coped with odd-ball requests, shocking language and last minute changes.

As the week passes, the bride deals with her past discretions and gets to know her husband-to-be and continually second-guesses her plans to wed.  The novel  is broken down by the days leading up to the wedding and is interesting to ponder compared to everyday life.  Like the bride, the author keeps the readers guessing as to whether there will even be a wedding in the end.

If you are looking for a quick, amusing read with zany characters and some ‘spice’ thrown in, this is the book for you!  Grab a beach chair, sit back and relax!  Thanks Mara for the recommendation.

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