32. Anne of Avonlea (L.M. Montgomery)


My commutes have seemed shorter as I have listened to the antics of Anne Shirley in the sequel to Anne of Green Gables.  Listening to podcasts by Librivox (volunteer readers of books that are no longer under copyright) has been a fun way to pass the busy drive.  Hearing the stories of Prince Edward Island make me want to visit and take my daughter to see Lucy Maud Montgomery’s house.

In the second book, Anne has returned to Green Gables and becomes the Avonlea school marm after giving up her scholarship to stay with home.  She stays home to help Marilla who must limit her fine work and reading to preserve her remaining eyesight and to help with the six year old twins that Marilla had adopted after a cousin died.  The twins keep Anne and Marilla very busy.  Anne learns to deal with the antics of the twins and her students by treating them kindly and helping them explore their imaginations.

Anne continues to enjoy her friendship with Diana and meets some new friends in Anne of Avonlea.  She becomes community minded and helps form the Avonlea Improvement Society.  Her previously adversarial relationship with Gilbert Blythe softens into friendship as they prepare to head to college at the end of the novel.

Anne of Avonlea is a delightful novel.  I am now looking forward to hearing Anne’s experiences in College in Anne of the Island.  These Canadian novels are a “must read” for every young girl!!

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