25. The Mountain Story (Lori Lansens)


The Mountain Story is a suspenseful and thought-provoking book written by Lori Lansens, an author who grew up in Chatham, Ontario. The story is told in a long letter from a man to his son, sharing his experience lost in the wilderness of a mountain with three women.

Lansens weaves a suspenseful tale of the survival of a boy named Wolf who decides to make a final trip up the mountain to end his life.  He has just turned eighteen and has dealt with a lifetime of loss and neglect. He abandons his plan to kill himself after he inadvertently becomes lost with three women – all arriving on the mountain unprepared for their ordeal and dealing with their own inner struggles.

The novel is broken down in to long chapters that describe each day lost on the mountain.  Over the five-day period, the characters learn about themselves and each other through cold nights, hunger and thirst while making life and death decisions. They must work together to survive.

The book is a terrific read. It is very descriptive and it is easy to imagine the scenes in your mind.  I have struggled to provide an overview without giving away too much so this is a relatively short review.  I am looking forward to discussing this book so hope that this post inspires you to read The Mountain Story!

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