21. The High Road (Terry Fallis)


My commute has been more pleasant while listening to The High Road, sequel to The Best Laid Plans.  The Canadian author, Terry Fallis, is a terrific orator and the story kept me chuckling as he recounted the antics of the new, rogue Minister of Parliament.  Grammar and a love of the English language is part of the author’s charm and is evident in the eloquent text.

The saga of Angus continued as he campaigned for his riding despite initially being an unwilling participant in politics.  His unique style (crazy beard), mode of transportation (hovercraft) and outspoken manner kept me engaged and looking forward to the drive.  Each chapter had Angus in a different dilemma as he campaigned and after he was sworn into  office.  A renegade, looking out for all Canadians, he did not follow the easy path, testing boundaries and remaining true to his word.

If you are looking for a way to pass the time during your commute, I recommend these free podcasts!

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