17. The Best Laid Plans (Terry Fallis)


After meeting the Canadian author Terry Fallis at the One Book One Brant event (No Relation), I was curious about his podcast of his first book The Best Laid Plans.  He shared with the audience that when he was unsuccessful getting this novel published.  I appreciated his dedication in recording the podcasts as he worked to have his book published – this determination led to his eventual success in winning the 2011 Canada Reads contest.

The 19 chapters were broken down into 19 podcasts and I enjoyed the political satire during my daily commutes to the office.  The story started with a very clever description of the main character’s girlfriend engaging with another man entirely in political terms.  The story poked fun at the antics on parliament hill and provided a fictional view of the politics of Canadian government.

Fallis is a very engaging reader.  I had to chuckle that at the beginning, he stated that he would not be using the Scottish accent of the character Angus yet as the podcasts continued, he slowly increase his Scottish brogue.  The characters were interesting and like No Relation, it ended with all the loose ends tied up.  If you are looking for an amusing parody of Canadian politics or missing all the Rob Ford reports of last year, this is an interesting podcast for your commute.

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11 Responses to 17. The Best Laid Plans (Terry Fallis)

  1. Lisa says:

    I thought this was hilarious, too. His sequel to this one is also pretty funny (The High Road). And, kind of unrelated, but Michael J Fox’s autobiography was a great audiobook.


  2. Good to know – i am enjoying the audio books in the car and will seek those out.


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